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Toke Tray

Pink Unicorn Rolling Tray

Pink Unicorn Rolling Tray

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Unicorns are mystical creatures that are known to possess magical abilities. Smoking unicorns are even more rare and most likely only found on this tray. Jump into a fantasy smoke filled land with this durable and well designed metal tray. It's your turn to join the unicorns by utilizing this tray for all of your rolling needs. Grab your tray, your flower and it's time to smoke.

While this image was created by one of our artists digitally, all trays are hand pressed and unique in each of their own ways. Toke Tray has built a niche in the rolling tray market by creating appealing designs, with a quality product. With hundreds of positive reviews and reliable customer support, you know that any questions about your orders will be answered almost immediately.

10.63 inches x 6.3 inches x 1 inch
270mm x 160mm x 25mm


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