About Us

History of the Toke Tray

Toke Tray was born in Minneapolis, MN. Our team makes innovative and appealing designs on rolling trays. Many tokers consider our trays collectibles. We take pride in making each rolling tray exclusive to each city’s key elements. As the smoking population continues to grow, we plan to provide the most unique and eye catching surface to prepare your toke. Our selection of products will continue to be expanded and we will not compromise the quality of design. 

Have an idea?

We believe our customers are the most important members of our community, so please feel free to give us a shout. Tell us about your vision for a future rolling tray design and our team will look into bringing your vision to life! Contact Here

Why us?

We take pride in our customer service from the beginning of the transaction until the end. We live under the philosophy if the customer is not satisfied, we are not satisfied. We look forward to working with you.