Minneapolis Rolling Tray

Minneapolis Rolling Tray sparks Toke Tray™

Early in 2017 there were few places to find artistically driven smoke supplies and especially rolling trays. For those that enjoy art and smoking there was a clear need for an updated brand of accessories. While at college the founder of Toke Tray™ decided it was time to take a chance at working with artists to create unique and artistic rolling trays.

The decision was easy, yet the development and process of sourcing quality products was far from that. After searching the United States for a quality manufacturer it was proven to not be possible to source durable metal rolling trays domestically. This left Toke Tray™ with two options, give up on an idea or dig deeper internationally to find a source. After meeting with many manufacturers, there were three that had the ability to create quality rolling trays as needed.

With the pieces coming together it was time to create a product that would spark the interest of smoke shops in Minnesota where Toke Tray™ was founded. This allowed for us to work with a local artist based in Minneapolis to design the first ever rolling tray for the Toke Tray™ brand. A journey that began with us trying to get our first design into retail stores, now is having trouble keeping up with demand.

If you enjoyed learning where our brand began, feel free to use the code: BLOG and receive BOGO free trays at TokeTray.com

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